Your Life Is Precious

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and wellbeing.
No matter who you are, what you do or where you go,
empower yourself with the tool that can save your life.

Tiny Yet Powerful

SafeMate is built for today’s active lifestyle.
Smaller than a coin, as thin your credit card, it requires no batteries or charging.
In fact, it’s so small you can carry it with you at all times.
And yet it stores all your vital information such as your emergency contact numbers,
medical conditions, drug prescriptions, blood type, allergies and more.

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How We Connect You

With a single tap from any NFC enabled smartphone,
a First Responder can then access your vital information in a matter of seconds.
This accelerates the rescue process. Reducing the time between accident and treatment,
thus increases the accuracy of diagnosis to avoid mistakes.

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Easy To Use.

Water Resistant

SafeMate device is water resistant.
Whether you’re swimming, running, working or partying.
There is no reason to leave it behind.

Simple Registration

No heavy thinking required.
We designed the platform to be simple and setup takes less than 2 minutes.

Zero Upkeep

SafeMate devices require no batteries or charging.
You can have as many devices attached to the same user.

Simple Setup.


Choose from the wide variety of SafeMate devices.
You can purchase here or at one of our distributors.


Register to activate your SafeMate device and fill out your emergency information.
You can fill as little or as much information as you please.
The minimum information required would be your name and emergency contact.

Ready To Use

Make sure that it’s easily accessible when worn.

Your Privacy Protected

SafeMate understands that your data privacy is just as important as your safety.
We are committed to protecting your personal information.
The only people who have access to your (full) details are the registered emergency services.

Privacy Policy