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Seconds can save a life

Speed. Accuracy. Peace of mind.

In a medical emergency, SafeMate gives paramedics quick secure digital access to the medical
and personal information that you allow them to know. You get the right treatment fast.


How does it work? It’s super simple.

Step 1: You order a SafeMate Kit online at safemate.net.au

Step 2. When you receive your card and stickers, you enter online the details you and your loved one want paramedics to know.

Step 3. In a medical emergency, paramedics can scan your SafeMate card or sticker and instantly access your details, even if you are unconscious.

Step 4. Right away you get the treatment you need. No delays.



For Queensland residents only (at present)

Working with Queensland Ambulance Service

SafeMate Benefits

Why SafeMate?

It’s peace of mind for individuals, families and organisations.

  • Could save a life
  • Designed to save
    • Time
    • Money
    • Pain and discomfort

And specially for organisations:

  • Shows your members and employees that you care
  • Helps you meet your OH&S obligations
  • Discounts and negotiated distribution rights available for organisations

The SafeMate card is designed to be easily recognised in your purse or wallet or on the back of your smartphone. The scannable QR Code allows first responders to quickly access the medical information you have authorised them to view.

NOTE: Your medical details are completely secure. We employ data encryption and the latest security technologies to help prevent unauthorised access to our system.