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SafeMate Rescue

SafeMate Rescue instantly and securely gives first responders the medical and personal information that the wearer, or a carer, has already provided. To access information, the first responder simply needs a smartphone or a tablet.

SafeMate comes in a range of discreet devices, or is entirely customisable. Patients can easily and safely provide their information. Data sharing and real-time updates are quickly done through the easy-to-use SafeMate app.

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Instantly gives paramedics your members’ emergency health information

SafeMate provides two access levels: basic information to non-professional first responders, and detailed information to medical professionals. In an emergency situation, first responders can provide paramedics with a GPS location, photos and videos. Personal and medical details are encrypted and secure, and privacy is assured.

Alerts and provides important information

Members can provide details to SafeMate of their emergency contacts, who would be automatically notified in an emergency.

Instant patient data in aged-care emergencies

SafeMate Rescue is great for aged care managers – especially for after hours emergencies – as it removes the time wasted trying to determine the patient’s medical details, next of kin or GP contact. Instead, all that is needed to obtain patient details instantly is a smartphone or tablet.

Great for childcare and vacation care

With SafeMate you can keep track of children and give instant health information to paramedics if required.

Empowers those in your organisation

Those nearby who have the SafeMate app are empowered to help in an emergency. They can communicate with paramedics through voice and images. This provides you and your members with peace of mind, as well as enhancing your compliance and risk management.