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SafeMate RollCall

SafeMate RollCall is the quick, accurate, digital way of organising and tracking your members at events and excursions. SafeMate comes in a range of discreet devices, or is entirely customisable. Patients can easily and safely provide their information.

School and holiday excursions

Kids love digital devices and eagerly line up to tap on and off – simplifying vacation care and school excursions. When paired with SafeMate Rescue, SafeMate RollCall provides a complete Digital Health and Safety Suite for school and vacation care managers.

Corporate events

Upon registration, attendees receive an inexpensive SafeMate device to record their arrival and departure at the event. You can also give them the option of SafeMate Rescue too, for your peace of mind, and their own.

Sporting events

SafeMate records attendance and race results through participants’ wearable SafeMate devices.  For sporting events, especially those involving a measure of risk, SafeMate RollCall works well with SafeMate Rescue.

Keeping your members safe at events with SafeMate Rescue

Adding SafeMate Rescue ensures that if something untoward happens, you’ve done everything possible to ensure rapid diagnosis and treatment.